Softwares Neurotec®

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Neurotec® is committed to produce world-class equipment, and our search for excellence also extends into the development of softwares. Relying on new technologies and with a large interdisciplinary team of collaborators (Doctors, Biomedical Engineers and Computer Software Specialist), Neurotec® develops systems for Clinical Neurophysiology area.

Neurotec® softwares:

  • Digital EEG with Quantitative and Topographic analysis
  • Neonatal Polygraphy
  • Polysomnography
  • Video-EEG monitoring
  • Video-Polysomnography
  • Electroneuromyography

Optionals accessories

  • Photostimulator with Leds (USB)
  • Audiostimulator
  • Polygraphy / polysomnography sensors
  • Spliter® (Isolator Module)
  • Integrated Oximeter